You and your baby want to be sleeping well?

Use the popular musical sleep aid for parents and babies!

Loved by midwifes 

use the app that is recommended by parents and midwifes

Parents & Babies

Relax together with your baby

Restless or in pain?

Calming melodies and slow rythms.

48 minutes of music

Special music not available on any streaming platform

Going to bed

Put the music on before going to bed

You want your cat to be calm and relaxed?

Special composed and tested music helps to reduce stress & anxiety!

Relax at home and in the car

Good to use on the way to the doctor & car travel

Cats & Kittens

Calms your loved ones


Driving in the car, holiday, vet

Specialized Music

Composed for and tested with cats

Sleep Timer

Stops playing after a set time

You want your dog to be calm and relaxed?

Use the popular musical relaxation aid for dogs and puppies!

Reduces loud party noise

Use your iPhone or iPad while the music plays

Dogs & Puppies

Calms your loved ones

Scary noise

Airplane, party noise,
New Year's Eve party

Specialized Music

Music not available on any streaming platform

External speaker

Plays on bluetooth speakers